Juan Rojas
is the owner of H&R Elite Trucking Academy, and a qualified CDL forklift instructor. Juan has over twenty-five years of truck driving experience and understands what it takes to get you to the right path when getting licensed. He has experience in driving dry vans, buses, tankers, etc. and has been teaching for over ten years.

Laura Rojas-
is a part-time office assistant. She will assist with registrations and other office duties

Rosa Aviles
is the office administrator/assistant instructor she has over 12 years of office customer service. She assists with registrations and other office duties.

Emma Ocon
is the Class B, school bus/passenger instructor. She currently works as a bus driver and helps our office with the proper and up to date training.

Tyson Rosas
is a part-time instructor for Class A and B. He assists Juan and Emma with the classroom theory/training. He has experience with passenger, school bus, doubles/triples, and HAZMAT.

Martin Robles
is a full-time instructor for Class A. He assists Juan and Emma with the classroom theory/training. He has experience doubles/triples, and tankers. 

H&R Elite Trucking Academy LLC​

To provide high quality, convenient and comprehensive CDL driver education courses at the lowest cost. The most important aspect of CDL driver education is SAFETY. It is our goal, to have graduates of our program with the safest driving record.

H&R Elite Trucking Academy LLC is a low-cost academy with excellent service in CDL training. We are located in Prosser WA, in order to serve our community in Yakima, Tri-Cities and surrounding areas. The purpose of H&R Elite Trucking Academy is to provide quality driving training to all CDL enrolled students. 

H&R Elite Trucking Academy LLC


This school is licensed under Chapter 28C.10. Inquiries or complaints regarding this or any other private career school may be made to the following address: 

Workforce Board
128-10th Ave. SW, P.O.Box 43105,
Olympia WA 98504
Web: wtb.wa.gov
Phone: (360) 709-4600
E-Mail: wtecb@wtb.wa.gov


H& R Elite Trucking Academy LLC. will make good faith efforts to provide reasonable religious accommodations to students who have sincerely held religious practices or beliefs that conflict with a scheduled course/program requirement. Students requesting a religious accommodation should make the request, in writing, directly to their instructor with as much advance notice as possible. Being absent from class or other educational responsibilities does not excuse students from keeping up with any information shared or expectations set during the missed class. Students are responsible for obtaining materials and information provided during any class missed. The student shall work with the instructor to determine a schedule for making up missed work.

Examples of religious accommodations may include: rescheduling of an exam or giving a make-up exam for the student in question; altering the time of a student’s presentation; allowing extra-credit assignments to substitute for missed class work or arranging for an increased flexibility in assignment due dates; and releasing a graduate assistant from teaching or research responsibilities on a given day.